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Sending one-time passwords for customer verification.

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Protect yourself and your users from fraud. Verify customers and their actions with one-time passwords in 190+ countries around the world.

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We offer:

Phone Number Authentication

Authenticate and verify phone numbers to ensure you’re contacting your customers, minimize fraud and clean up your database from fake or inactive users.

Password-Free Verification

Verify users with Flash Calls or verify classic way – Pin2Speech, One-Time Passwords sent via SMS, OTT, email or other channels.

Fraud Prevention

We prevent suspicious activity and block fraudsters before they do harm. Verify transactions, prevent account takeovers and enhance security.

One-Time Password Delivery

“We are one of the few providers on the Russian market offering multiple channels for user authentication and verification. We ensure you have a choice in flexible customization options.”

Classic Two-Factor Authentication

A common way of sending one-time passwords that most customers are familiar with. The user receives an SMS message with a password and enters it in the site or app.


High Open-Rate

SMS has high open rates, so your customers are likely to read your messages. This ensures a high success rate for registrations and logins.


Custom Signature

You can also include the alphanumeric name of the sender, so the customer knows the message was sent by you.


A voice message with a password

The customer gets a phone call. Upon answering, a voice recording dictates a combination of digits. This method of delivering one-time passwords is less known than SMS, but is very common. For example, the most popular app in Asia, WeChat, offers it as an alternative to SMS verification.


Delivery to Landlines

In case the customer doesn’t have a smartphone, Pin2Speech is your only option for sending a password to landlines.


Cheaper than SMS

Calls are billed by the second, not by the minute. The final price depends on the length of the message and the number of times the code is repeated. Exact settings can be chosen in your account and via the API.


One-Time Password via Phone Number

The user receives an incoming call that is automatically dropped. The last digits of the number are the password. The client enters it in the site or app for verification. The number can be viewed in the call history in the native calling app.



For security purposes, we have 10,000 numbers in our pool. This is the maximum number of combinations for four-digit passwords.



Since there is no charged call duration, this method is the cheapest available. In Russia, it enables companies to save up to 50% on password delivery.


Why Customers Choose us Over Mobile and Landline Providers

  • An integrated solution, combining all the advantages of mobile and landline communication.

  • Low roaming rates.

  • Virtual PBX and messaging services in one solution.

  • Flexible subscriber options without third-party aggregators.

  • Services tailored to particular conditions for the subscriber’s benefit.

  • All services in one solution, one account.

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