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Customer communication via SMS and messengers

Messaging your customer base

Send marketing and informational messages, increase loyalty and boost sales.

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Different Messaging Types

Inform customers of discounts and special offers. Notify them of financial transactions, order statuses, deliveries and more.

Combine Different Channels

Send messages simultaneously or sequentially via WhatsApp, Viber, VK, SMS or other channels to maximize efficiency and cut costs.

Your Name

We help you register your alphanumeric sender name on all services so your customers always know who they’re communicating with

Customer Communication Channels

We are one of the few providers in the Russian market offering multiple channels for customer messaging. We ensure you have a choice of flexible customization options. Send marketing and service messages via WhatsApp, Viber and VK/OK.

Marketing Messages

Inform current customers of discounts, sales and new offers. These are especially effective for time-limited offers.



  • Merging two messages into one if the message length exceeds 70 characters (SMS limit);
  • Scheduled sending by event;
  • Message delivery status.

Service Messages

Send SMS with pre-set templates.
Cheaper and faster than marketing SMS. These are used to send notifications of bank transactions, order statuses, product deliveries, car-share arrivals and the like.


Marketing Messages

No need for advanced approval. Often used to notify many customers at once of promotions, sales and offers.



  • Multimedia content: links, pictures, buttons and more
  • High delivery speed;
  • Message length — up to 1,000 characters.

Service messages

Messages with pre-set templates and variables. A fraction of the cost of marketing messages. These are often notifications of order status and delivery, financial transactions and the like — triggered by customer or other actions.


Service Messages Only for VK and OK supports service messages only. E.g. messages based on templates that need to be approved by the administration in advance.
Like with Viber, these are usually messages triggered by customer actions: notifications of orders deliveries, balance changes, bonuses, etc. This also helps attract active users to the brand community.



  • Multimedia content: links, pictures, buttons
  • High delivery speed
  • Message length — up to 1,000 characters.

Why customers choose us over mobile and landline providers

  • An integrated solution, combining all the advantages of mobile and landline communication.

  • Low roaming rates.

  • Virtual PBX and messaging services in one solution.

  • Flexible subscriber options without third-party aggregators.

  • Services tailored to particular conditions for the subscriber’s benefit.

  • All services in one solution, one account.

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