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Integration with client CRM for data control.

Services for Operators

A new service for landline operators, home networks and network companies that provides a new perspective on mobile communications, reduces roaming costs and much more.

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We offer:

New technologies for operators and network companies

Provide your customers and employees with state-of-the-art MVNO solutions to optimize communication costs in Russia and Europe.

Special roaming rates

Calls to Russia from Europe at 5 rub/min.
Data in Europe at 5 rub/MB

SIM cards with your logo

Your own mobile SIM cards for employees, partners and customers. A unique approach and a new source of income/cost optimization.

Virtual PBX benefits

No wires, costly infrastructure, mounting, office PBX or stationary phones.

Flexible Handling of Incoming Calls

Forwarding rules ensure you don’t miss any calls, even after hours. If a customer calls when no one is in the office, the system transfers the call to a manager on duty or offers to leave a message.


Failover Forwarding

If none of the call forwarding options work, you can redirect the call to a backup number.


Multiple Call-Processing Algorithms

Easily set up call scripts or use pre-set scrips – by queue, priority, at random, all at once, and more. All employees and branches are connected via a single virtual phone network and can reach one another via short extension numbers.


Free Calls to Colleagues

All employees and branches are connected via a single virtual phone network and can reach one another via short extension numbers.


Conference Calls

Arrange group discussions of tasks and urgent issues right in the web-interface of your account.


Call Interception

Transfer a call to yourself if a colleague can’t answer. Active calls can also be forwarded to another number.


Simple Management

The user interface is simple and clear. Configuring the virtual PBX to meet your business goals requires no technical knowledge.


Detailed Statistics

See data on all incoming and outgoing calls in real time, for any period.


Quick Changes

Rules for incoming call handling, call forwarding, employee list, etc. are created in the account and are effective upon clicking “Save”.


Why Customers Choose Us Over Mobile and Landline Providers

  • An integrated solution, combining all the advantages of mobile and landline communication.

  • Low roaming rates.

  • Virtual PBX, Messaging, Voice, Roaming and Enterprise services in one solution.

  • Flexible subscriber options without third-party aggregators.

  • Services tailored to particular conditions for the subscriber’s benefit.

  • All services in one solution, one account.

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